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Shelena Bernard, Secretary/Clerk
Douglas Brown, Esq., Vice President
Jodi Miller, Esq., Treasurer
John A. Shea, Esq., President
Christina Andreoli
Shari Bai
Lucille Brennan, Esq.
Charles R. Casartello Jr., Esq.
Janice Cook, Esq.
Robert D. Cox, Jr., Esq.
Labrie Dillon
Mark Gold
Liva Gonzalez
Deborah Gordon Salmon
Eric J. Gouvin, Esq.
Candria Gray
Wilhelmina Humphries
Lyonel Jean-Pierre, Jr., Esq.
Michele Kunitz, Esq.
Jeannette Lopez
Timothy F. Murphy, Esq.
David Murphy, Esq.
Todd Rodman, Esq.
Jonathan Sigel, Esq.
Angelina P. Stafford, Esq.
Dorothy Storrow, Esq.
Guinevere Vanhorne
Denisse Verdiguel
Danielle Williams, Esq.
Executive Director
Advocacy Coordinator
Development Associate
Assistant Fiscal Manager
Managing Attorney, Northampton and Pittsfield
Senior Supervising Attorney, Housing Unit
Grants Manager
Senior Supervising Attorney, Family Law Unit
Development Manager
Senior Supervising Attorney, Civil Legal Aid to Victims of Crime program
Executive Assistant
Managing Attorney, Springfield
Human Resource Manager
Development Director
Managing Attorney, Worcester
Finance Director
Senior Supervising Attorney, Family Law Unit
Deputy Director
Director of Client Access
Senior Supervising Attorney, Elder Unit and Benefits Unit
Litigation Director
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Benefits of Legal Aid to the Commonwealth

Legal aid benefits both clients and their communities by saving everyone money.  In 2013, legal aid services generated an estimated $28 million in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through new federal revenue, other benefits and cost savings.

“Most Americans don’t realize that you can have your home taken away, your children taken away and you can be a victim of domestic violence but you have no constitutional right to a lawyer to protect you.”

Jim Sandman, President,
Legal Services Corporation