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Community Legal Education Training Series
Please join us for our monthly community-based legal education training series aimed at providing general information to the community about various legal topics. All trainings will be held from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at Community Legal Aid's Worcester Office: 405 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Worcester, MA 01608. Coffee will be served at all trainings.

To sign up to attend a specific training, or for more information, please contact Linda Boss at

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Pro Bono Support

The Honorable Harry Zarrow Homeless Advocacy Outreach Project
The Honorable Harry Zarrow Homeless Advocacy Project is a collaboration of the Worcester County Bar Association’s Committee on Services to the Homeless and Poor and Community Legal Aid.  The Zarrow project seeks to reduce or prevent homelessness by the provision of legal assistance to those who are homeless or in imminent danger of becoming so.  By identifying and providing advice or representation on the legal issues encountered by homeless and at-risk individuals, the project alleviates the factors contributing to homelessness.  Private attorneys volunteering with the project can serve homeless shelters or other service providers by having a regular visiting schedule at the agency to interview clients with civil legal matters, or by being on call to assist when a client has a legal need.  Other volunteers provide pro bono representation to these individuals or to homeless shelters and service providers in order to expand and enhance their capacity to serve their clients.  The Zarrow Fellow at CLA coordinates and provides support to the volunteer attorneys who provide pro bono legal help to homeless and at-risk populations, and also provides legal representation to project clients.

If you are interested in volunteering through the Zarrow project, please contact Sarah Loy at 508-425-2808.

Lawyer for the Day
The Lawyer for the Day program is a collaboration among the Probate and Family Court, CLA, and the Worcester County Bar Association.  The program seeks to improve the administration of justice by assisting pro se litigants in the Probate & Family Court.  Four mornings each week, the Register of Probate’s office screens litigants and then sends them to the volunteer attorney, who has a private meeting space at the courthouse.  The attorney then provides counsel and advice to these litigants by assisting them in drafting pleadings and explaining how to prepare and present their case.  

If you are interested in volunteering through the Lawyer for the Day program, please contact Attorney Tina Paradiso at 508-752-3722 ext. 359.

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