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Pro Bono

Community Legal Aid’s pro bono program greatly enhances our ability to make justice real for our clients.  Through the program, we refer hundreds of cases a year to attorneys working in private practice, corporations and government.  The cases are screened initially by CLA staff.  If you accept a case referred from Community Legal Aid, you could:

  • Prevent a family from being evicted
  • Secure a tenant’s rights to safe and well-maintained housing
  • Help a survivor of domestic violence secure a child custody or support order
  • Obtain benefits and health care for someone who can no longer work due to disability
  • Preserve homeownership for a family facing foreclosure
  • Make justice real for an individual or family living in poverty in our community
  • Protect an indigent family's income from illegal debt collectors

Volunteers benefit professionally by:

  • Having access to free legal trainings
  • Gaining valuable experience in your practice area and in court
  • Fulfilling your pro bono professional duty
  • Knowing you made a difference

We support our volunteers with:

  • Malpractice insurance
  • Mentors
  • Use of our offices to meet with clients
  • Interpreters and translators

To find out more about pro bono lawyer opportunities with Community Legal Aid, click here

You can find out more information about pro bono lawyer opportunities in Massachusetts at

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